Rat ovarian mast cells: distribution and cyclic changes.

  title={Rat ovarian mast cells: distribution and cyclic changes.},
  author={Richard E. Jones and David G. Duvall and Louis J. Guillette},
  journal={The Anatomical record},
  volume={197 4},
Numerous tissue mast cells are present in the ovarian medulla and hilus and in the oviduct of rats. In the medulla, most of these mast cells are in the connective tissue of the stroma near blood and lymphatic vessels. During proestrus, many of the medullary mast cells totally degranulate and thus are not visible histochemically; they then regranulate during estrus. In contrast, the number of stainable mast cells in the ovarian hilus and oviduct does not change during the estrous cycle… CONTINUE READING