Rat liver antioxidant response to iron and copper overloads.

  title={Rat liver antioxidant response to iron and copper overloads.},
  author={Rosario Musacco-Sebio and Christian Saporito-Magri{\~n}{\'a} and Jimena Semprine and Horacio E Torti and Nidia F. Ferrarotti and Mauricio Castro-Parodi and Alicia E. Damiano and Alberto Boveris and Marisa G. Repetto},
  journal={Journal of inorganic biochemistry},
The rat liver antioxidant response to Fe and Cu overloads (0-60mg/kg) was studied. Dose- and time-responses were determined and summarized by t1/2 and C50, the time and the liver metal content for half maximal oxidative responses. Liver GSH (reduced glutathione) and GSSG (glutathione disulfide) were determined. The GSH content and the GSH/GSSG ratio markedly decreased after Fe (58-66%) and Cu (79-81%) loads, with t1/2 of 4.0 and 2.0h. The C50 were in a similar range for all the indicators (110… CONTINUE READING