Rat cytosolic epoxide hydrolase.

  title={Rat cytosolic epoxide hydrolase.},
  author={Franz Oesch and L Schladt and Rune Hartmann and Christine Timms and Wolf Woerner},
  journal={Advances in experimental medicine and biology},
Rat liver microsomal and cytosolic epoxide hydrolase may be distinguished through differences in substrate specificity: styrene 7,8-oxide is preferentially hydrolyzed by the microsomal form, while trans-stilbene oxide is the preferred substrate for cytosolic epoxide hydrolase. Large interindividual differences in the specific activity of Sprague-Dawley (outbred strain) liver cytosolic epoxide hydrolase were observed, varying from 2 to 77 pmol/min X mg protein. Interindividual variations were… CONTINUE READING