Rat cortical morphology following crowded-enriched living conditions.

  title={Rat cortical morphology following crowded-enriched living conditions.},
  author={Milton Diamond and E R Greer and Aaron York and David T. Lewis and Tina Barton and J Lin},
  journal={Experimental neurology},
  volume={96 2},
This experiment studied cerebral cortical morphology in rats living in a crowded-enriched condition. Three groups of 60-day-old, male Long-Evans rats were divided accordingly: 12 rats, 3 per small cage (32 X 20 X 20 cm), standard colony condition; 12 rats in a single, large, enrichment cage with "toys" (70 X 70 X 45 cm), enriched condition; and 36 rats in a large, single, enrichment cage with "toys", crowded-enriched condition. Matched toys for the two enriched cages were changed twice a week… CONTINUE READING

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