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Rasta and resistance: From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney

  title={Rasta and resistance: From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney},
  author={Horace G. Campbell},

Rastas’ journey ‘home’: investigating the lived experience of the Rastafari in Ethiopia through an ethnographic documentary

This PhD project consists of two parts, a 40-minute documentary film as well as a dissertation. Together they offer an insight into the Rastafari[1] community of repatriates[2] who have made Ethiopia

African Nazarites : a comparative religious ethnography of Rastafari and Ibandla lamaNazaretha

Two rapidly growing theological and cultural movements currently sparking global interest are Rastafari and Ibandla lamaNazaretha. Founded by the Zulu preacher Isaiah Shembe during the 1910s, Ibandla

Exploring cultural connectedness in the sustainability of rural community tourism development in Jamaica.

The focus of research into the sustainability of rural community tourism in Jamaica often gravitates toward the economic, environmental, political and management components. This ethnographic study

Back to Black : Black Radicalism and the Supplementary School Movement

Black radical politics are comprehensively defined and the aim is to understand how such a political ideology can be used to overcome racial inequalities in contemporary Britain. A Black radical

Differences and Similarities Between the Rastafari Movement and the Nation of Islam

The two Black social movements under consideration in this article are now well established among Black communities in America and, although widely thought to be distinct from each other, have much

“No Problem, Mon”: Strategies Used to Promote Reggae Music as Jamaica's Cultural Heritage

ABSTRACT This paper examines efforts by the Jamaican government and its surrogates to control the Rastafarian movement and reggae music. Since the 1970s, the Jamaican establishment has employed an

Educational aspiration and the standing of academic achievement in the value system of school-going adolescents in Shashemene town, Ethiopia

Educational aspiration plays an important role in terms of both reinforcing and discouraging future academic achievement of students. The present research aimed at assessing the level of educational

Female Masculinity In Movie(Analysis Study Of Semiotics In Ocean’s 8 Movie)

Ocean’s 8 is a movie about a group of women (eight women) from different backgrounds who committed the biggest jewelry theft of Cartier, named the Toussaint. This study aims to analyze the

Toward a Black Radical Independent Education: Black Radicalism, Independence and the Supplementary School Movement

Abstract:Black Radicalism believes in the centrality of racism to Western imperialism and a Diasporic commitment to the liberation of Africa; existing in distinction to Black Nationalism, Marxism and