Ras-independent activation of Ral by a Ca2+-dependent pathway

  title={Ras-independent activation of Ral by a Ca2+-dependent pathway},
  author={Franz Hofer and Rebecca Berdeaux and G. Steven Martin},
  journal={Current Biology},
The RalA and RalB proteins comprise a distinct family of small GTPases [1]. Ral-specific guanine-nucleotide exchange factors such as RalGDS, Rlf and RGL interact with activated Ras and cooperate with Ras in the transformation of murine fibroblasts [2-5]. Thus, the interaction of RalGDS with Ras and the subsequent activation of Ral are thought to constitute a distinct Ras-dependent signaling pathway. The function of Ral is largely unknown. There is circumstantial evidence that Ral may have a… CONTINUE READING


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