Ras acylation, compartmentalization and signaling nanoclusters (Review).

  title={Ras acylation, compartmentalization and signaling nanoclusters (Review).},
  author={Yoav I. Henis and John F Hancock and Ian A Prior},
  journal={Molecular membrane biology},
  volume={26 1},
Ras proteins have become paradigms for isoform- and compartment-specific signaling. Recent work has shown that Ras isoforms are differentially distributed within cell surface signaling nanoclusters and on endomembranous compartments. The critical feature regulating Ras protein localization and isoform-specific functions is the C-terminal hypervariable region (HVR). In this review we discuss the differential post-translational modifications and reversible targeting functions of Ras isoform HVR… CONTINUE READING

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