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Rare-earth loaded liquid scintillator (for LENS experiment)

  title={Rare-earth loaded liquid scintillator (for LENS experiment)},
  author={I. R. Barabanov and Vladimir Beresnev and V. N. Kornoukhov and E. A. Yanovich and Georgii Timofeevich Zatsepin and N. A. Danilov and G. V. Korpusov and G. V. Kostikova and Yu. S. Krylov and Victor V. Yakshin},
  journal={arXiv: Instrumentation and Detectors},
Rare-earth (Yb/Gd) complexes with neutral organophosphorus ligands are briefly discussed for their application in liquid scintillation technique. To evaluate the principle feasibility of a high rare-earth loaded scintillator, the ytterbium chloride complexes with tri-isoamylphosphine oxides were synthesized. Relative scintillation efficiency (RSE) for two Yb concentrations (78 and 88 g/L) was measured by means of the internal conversion electron exitation from Cs-137. The results obtained were… 

Detection techniques and investigation of different neutrino experiments

Neutrino physics is an experimentally driven field. So, we investigate the different detection techniques available in the literature and study the various neutrino oscillation experiments in a