Rare chromosomal deletions and duplications increase risk of schizophrenia

  title={Rare chromosomal deletions and duplications increase risk of schizophrenia},
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Schizophrenia is a severe mental disorder marked by hallucinations, delusions, cognitive deficits and apathy, with a heritability estimated at 73–90% (ref. 1). Inheritance patterns are complex, and the number and type of genetic variants involved are not understood. Copy number variants (CNVs) have been identified in individual patients with schizophrenia and also in neurodevelopmental disorders, but large-scale genome-wide surveys have not been performed. Here we report a genome-wide survey of… Expand
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Association study of CHRFAM7A copy number and 2bp deletion polymorphisms with schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder
  • R. Flomen, D. Collier, +4 authors A. Makoff
  • Medicine
  • American journal of medical genetics. Part B, Neuropsychiatric genetics : the official publication of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics
  • 2006
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