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Rare Multi Perspective Visualization on Daksha Samhara

  title={Rare Multi Perspective Visualization on Daksha Samhara},
  author={Sav Elanchezian},
According to Indian sculptures, all are representin g a scene of its legend. In fact, this suit to reli ef styles than sculpture in round. Thus, the former stood as a storyboard though with single or a few frames, which enable to convey its concept in high style. The relief sculptures are oriented at the temple’s main structures as d ēvak ōsh ṭas, adhish ṭānas, vim ānas and superstructure of towers, etc. However, some crucial reliefs carved even some secondary important places such as staircase… 



Elements of Hindu iconography

This monumental work is devoted to the interpretation of all principal Hindu icons or images and their special features. The study reveals the significance of the figure sculptures, frescoes, etc.

The Theory and Practice of Perspective

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