Rare Earths in Magnesium Alloys

  title={Rare Earths in Magnesium Alloys},
  author={K. Suseelan Nair and M. C. Mittal},
  journal={Materials Science Forum},
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Yet again, new compounds found in systems with known binary phase diagrams. Synthesis, crystal and electronic structure of Nd3Bi7 and Sm3Bi7.
The results from the calorimetric analysis show that both compounds are stable only up to about 500 °C, which may explain why they were overlooked during the original assessment of the corresponding phase diagrams.
The effect of Ca addition on microstructure and mechanical properties of gravity cast Mg–Zn–Y alloy
Mg–Zn–Y alloy with I-phase (Mg3Zn6Y) is particularly attractive because of the coherent interface between the I-phase (Mg3Zn6Y) and matrix phase, which sustains a strong bond and has low interfacial
The properties of trivalent praseodymium, neodymium, promethium and samarium ions in water: A quantum mechanical molecular dynamics study
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Effect of Sc addition on the work-hardening behavior of ZK60 magnesium alloy
Abstract The effects of Sc addition on the work-hardening behavior of ZK60 magnesium alloy were investigated by using uniaxial tensile tests at room temperature. The work-hardening rate and the
Effects of Alloying Elements and Cooling Rate on Morphology of Phases in CaO Added Mg-Al-Si Alloys
Mg2Si formed by the addition of Si in Mg-Al alloys is the very useful intermetallic compound. However, Mg2Si phases in the Mg-Al-Si alloys are prone to forming undesirable, coarse Chinese script
Failure mechanism of as-cast Mg-6Zn-2Er alloy during tensile test at room temperature
Tensile test of the as-cast Mg-6Zn-2Er alloy was conducted at room temperature. The results indicate that the alloy is inclined to failure when the strain reaches 5.6%. The coarse secondary phases
Microstructure and mechanical properties of an Mg–10Al alloy fabricated by Sb-alloying and ECAP processing
Abstract The effect of the addition of 0.5 wt% Sb and equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) on the microstructures and mechanical properties of Mg–10Al alloy was investigated. The results show that
Effect of Ti on the Mechanical Properties and Corrosion of Cast AZ91 Magnesium Alloy
Ti addition to AZ91 alloy was been investigated with conventional casting. The microstructure and mechanical property were examined. The Corrosion resistance of all the different Ti addition content
Effects of lead addition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast Mg–4Zn alloys
Abstract The effects of 1.0 and 3.0 wt% lead (Pb) additions on the microstructure and mechanical properties of as-cast Mg–4 wt%Zn alloys were studied. Tensile and nanoindentation tests were conducted