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Rapport Préliminaire de sureté du LHC

  title={Rapport Pr{\'e}liminaire de suret{\'e} du LHC},
  author={Keith M Potter and Wolfgang Weingarten and G Fernqvist and E. Weisse and E. Cennini and Thorsten Otto and P Ciriani and H Laeger and Ulrika Jansson and J Fivet and Graham Roger Stevenson and Marco Silari and P. Vojtyla and J{\'e}rome Roche and Jos Vlogaert and P. Collier and Adrienne L. Gilbert and Karlheinz Schindl and S. Z. Weisz and R Rausch and Jos{\'e} Manuel Jim{\'e}nez and Oswald Gr{\"o}bner and Paul E Faugeras and P. Proudlock and Claude Arnaud and Mertens and W. K. Erdt and P Lef{\`e}vre and Katrina Kershaw and G. Passardi and Philippe Lebrun and D. Lacarrere and C. Fischer and B. Pirollet and M. H{\"o}fert and Catherine Jacot},