Rapidly retargetable approaches to de-identification in medical records.

  title={Rapidly retargetable approaches to de-identification in medical records.},
  author={Ben Wellner and Matt Huyck and Scott Mardis and John S. Aberdeen and Alex Morgan and Leonid Peshkin and Alex Yeh and Janet Hitzeman and Lynette Hirschman},
  journal={Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association : JAMIA},
  volume={14 5},
OBJECTIVE This paper describes a successful approach to de-identification that was developed to participate in a recent AMIA-sponsored challenge evaluation. METHOD Our approach focused on rapid adaptation of existing toolkits for named entity recognition using two existing toolkits, Carafe and LingPipe. RESULTS The "out of the box" Carafe system achieved a very good score (phrase F-measure of 0.9664) with only four hours of work to adapt it to the de-identification task. With further tuning… CONTINUE READING
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