Rapid preparation of short-lived alpha particle emitting radioimmunopharmaceuticals.


Alpha emitting radionuclides are of considerable interest for targeted radioimmunotherapy. Generator supplied 213Bi emitting 8.5 MeV alpha particles with a 45.6 min half-life has been conjugated to a monoclonal antibody (HuM195-CHX-A-DTPA) for targeted therapy of leukemia in a clinical trial. The clinical dose preparation of pharmaceutical formulation by a… (More)


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@article{Ma2001RapidPO, title={Rapid preparation of short-lived alpha particle emitting radioimmunopharmaceuticals.}, author={D. Ma and Michael R McDevitt and Robert D. Finn and David A. Scheinberg}, journal={Applied radiation and isotopes : including data, instrumentation and methods for use in agriculture, industry and medicine}, year={2001}, volume={55 4}, pages={463-70} }