Rapid non-genomic effects of hydrocortisone on rat mast cells

  title={Rapid non-genomic effects of hydrocortisone on rat mast cells},
  author={Alexander S Dukhanin and Vladislav Nikitin and G. Engalicheva and Pavel Sergeev},
  journal={Inflammation Research},
Glucocorticosteroids exert profound antiallergie and antiinfiammatory activity. Also, the IgE-dependent release of histamine by mase cells and basophils is inhibited by glucocorticoid hormones. The effect is seen after at least 4 to 8 h preincubation with nanomolar to micromolar concentrations of glucocorticoids [1]. The mechanism by which they act appears not to involve an elevation of cAMP or a shedding of cell surface Fcreceptors [2]. Further, the inactivation of IgE-dependent histamine… CONTINUE READING