Rapid line scan NMR angiography.


This paper describes a new technique for NMR angiography based on rapid line scan projection imaging and presaturation of stationary spins. The resulting line scan angiograms are free from both misregistration artifacts common to subtraction methods and motion artifacts encountered in Fourier imaging. Moreover, line scan angiograms may be recorded within seconds and offer arbitrary fields of view as well as gradient zooming without problems due to aliasing. Three-dimensional information is obtained by rotation of the read gradient axis generating multiple view angles. Experimental line scan angiograms of the forearms of healthy volunteers have been recorded using a Bruker 2.35-T 40-cm magnet.

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@article{Frahm1988RapidLS, title={Rapid line scan NMR angiography.}, author={Jens Frahm and K . D . Merboldt and Wolfgang H{\"a}nicke and Michael L. Gyngell and Henning Bruhn}, journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine}, year={1988}, volume={7 1}, pages={79-87} }