Rapid identification and isolation of zebrafish cDNA clones.

  title={Rapid identification and isolation of zebrafish cDNA clones.},
  author={Zhiyuan Gong and Tie Yan and Jie-Ying Liao and Sang Eun Lee and Jiangyan He and Choy Leong Hew},
  volume={201 1-2},
A fast and economical approach, referred to as cDNA clone tagging, was adapted to identify and isolate zebrafish cDNA clones. The basic approach was to partially sequence the coding region of size selected cDNA clones and the partial sequences were then used as tags for identifying the clones through homology search. To benefit maximally from the tagging approach, two cDNA libraries, derived from embryonic and adult fish poly(A)+ RNAs, respectively, were constructed by unidirectional cloning… CONTINUE READING


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