Rapid generation of all-optical $^{39}$K Bose-Einstein condensates using a low-field Feshbach resonance

  title={Rapid generation of all-optical \$^\{39\}\$K Bose-Einstein condensates using a low-field Feshbach resonance},
  author={Alexander Herbst and Henning Albers and Knut Stolzenberg and Sebastian-James Bode and Dennis Schlippert},
Ultracold potassium is an interesting candidate for quantum technology applications and funda-mental research as it allows controlling intra-atomic interactions via low-field magnetic Feshbach resonances. However, the realization of high-flux sources of Bose-Einstein condensates remains challenging due to the necessity of optical trapping to use magnetic fields as free parameter. We investigate the production of all-optical 39 K Bose-Einstein condensates with different scattering lengths using a… 

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