Rapid fuel switching from coal to natural gas through effective carbon pricing

  title={Rapid fuel switching from coal to natural gas through effective carbon pricing},
  author={I.A.G. Wilson and Iain Staffell},
  journal={Nature Energy},
Great Britain’s overall carbon emissions fell by 6% in 2016, due to cleaner electricity production. This was not due to a surge in low-carbon nuclear or renewable sources; instead it was the much-overlooked impact of fuel switching from coal to natural gas generation. This Perspective considers the enabling conditions in Great Britain and the potential for rapid fuel switching in other coal-reliant countries. We find that spare generation and fuel supply-chain capacity must already exist for… 

On the climate benefit of a coal-to-gas shift in Germany’s electric power sector

Methane emissions along the natural gas supply chain are critical for the climate benefit achievable by fuel switching from coal to natural gas in the electric power sector. For Germany, one of the

Climate and Health Benefits of Rapid Coal-to-Gas Fuel Switching in the U.S. Power Sector Offset Methane Leakage and Production Cost Increases.

It is shown that the optimal coal-to-gas redispatch displaces 62-77% of coal energy, leaving some coal online, and the health benefits ofredispatch are larger in magnitude than the climate benefits, which increases the net climate benefits of redispatches by $1.1B-$1.4B.

The Contribution of Taxes, Subsidies and Regulations to British Electricity Decarbonisation

Great Britain’s carbon emissions from electricity generation fell by two-thirds between 2012 and 2019, providing an important example for other nations.  This rapid transition was driven by a complex

Scenarios for Coal-Exit in Germany—A Model-Based Analysis and Implications in the European Context

The political discussion to reduce the carbon footprint of Germany’s electricity sector, focusing on coal, is intensifying. In this paper, we develop scenarios for phasing out lignite and hard coal

Pipeline Availability Limits on the Feasibility of Global Coal-to-Gas Switching in the Power Sector.

Coal-to-gas switching in the power sector, as happening in the U.S., has been a key driver of near-term greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Can this success be replicated around the world? Here, we

Temporal carbon intensity analysis: renewable versus fossil fuel dominated electricity systems

  • Imran Khan
  • Engineering
    Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects
  • 2018
ABSTRACT In order to overcome the negative effects of climate change and ensure a global low-carbon future, decarbonizing the electricity sector has been recognized as an important focus area.

Asserting the climate benefits of the coal-to-gas shift across temporal and spatial scales

Reducing CO2 emissions through a shift from coal to natural gas power plants is a key strategy to support pathways for climate stabilization. However, methane leakage in the natural gas supply chain



Electricity in Europe: exiting fossil fuels?

There are many options for generating electricity with low carbon emissions, and the electrification of heat and transport can decarbonize energy use across the economy. This places the power sector

Inferring Carbon Abatement Costs in Electricity Markets: A Revealed Preference Approach Using the Shale Revolution

This paper examines how much carbon emissions from the electricity industry would decrease in response to a carbon price. We show how both carbon prices and cheap natural gas reduce, in a nearly

The competitiveness impact of a UK carbon price: what do the data say?

This analysis uses the Input-Output tables from the UK National Accounts for 2011 to simulate the full multiplied impact of a uniform £20 per tonne carbon price on fuels and production costs across

Projected Costs of Generating Electricity

Projected Costs of Generating Electricity – 2010 Edition presents the main results of the work carried out in 2009 for calculating the costs of generating baseload electricity from nuclear and fossil