Rapid evolution of fire melanism in replicated populations of pygmy grasshoppers.

  title={Rapid evolution of fire melanism in replicated populations of pygmy grasshoppers.},
  author={Anders Forsman and Magnus Karlsson and Lena Wennersten and Jenny Johansson and Einat Karpestam},
  journal={Evolution; international journal of organic evolution},
  volume={65 9},
Evolutionary theory predicts an interactive process whereby spatiotemporal environmental heterogeneity will maintain genetic variation, while genetic and phenotypic diversity will buffer populations against stress and allow for fast adaptive evolution in rapidly changing environments. Here, we study color polymorphism patterns in pygmy grasshoppers (Tetrix subulata) and show that the frequency of the melanistic (black) color variant was higher in areas that had been ravaged by fires the… CONTINUE READING
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