Rapid detection of salient regions: evidence from apparent motion.

  title={Rapid detection of salient regions: evidence from apparent motion.},
  author={Damian A. Stanley and Nava Rubin},
  journal={Journal of vision},
  volume={5 9},
Most studies that have used Kanizsa-type illusory figures to investigate perceptual completion have treated the crisp bounding illusory contours (ICs) and the enclosed region as nondissociable stimulus attributes. However, there is evidence that enclosed "salient regions" (SRs; Stanley & Rubin, 2003) are detected even in cases when bounding ICs are not perceptually completed. Here we used apparent motion (AM) to test whether SRs are detected in the absence of crisp bounding ICs. Kanizsa-type… CONTINUE READING


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