Rapid detection of Salmonella in foods using real-time PCR.

  title={Rapid detection of Salmonella in foods using real-time PCR.},
  author={Chorng-Ming Cheng and Wen Peng Lin and Khanh Thien Van and Lieuchi Phan and Nelly N Tran and Doris Farmer},
  journal={Journal of food protection},
  volume={71 12},
Conventional methods for detection of Salmonella serovars in foods are generally time-consuming and labor intensive. A real-time PCR method has been developed with custom designed primers and a TaqMan probe to detect the presence of a 262-bp fragment of the Salmonella-specific invA gene. The method has been tested with a total of 384 field-isolated Salmonella serovars and non-Salmonella stock strains, as well as 420 U.S. Food and Drug Administration food samples, comprising a variety of food… CONTINUE READING

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