Rapid degradation of atmospheric methyl bromide in soils

  title={Rapid degradation of atmospheric methyl bromide in soils},
  author={Joanne H. Shorter and Charles E M Kolb and Patrick M Crill and R. A. Kerwin and R. Talbot and Mark E. Hines and Robert Harriss},
METHYL bromide (CH3Br), a widely used agricultural fumigant, may be an important source of atmospheric bromine radicals, which destroy stratospheric ozone1–10. In current models of this compound's atmospheric behaviour, the main sinks are taken to be oxidation by hydroxyl radicals, photolysis and uptake by the oceans1–5,7,9,10. But there is also evidence that CH3Br is consumed in soils8,11–13. Here we report laboratory and field experiments which show that, when exposed to a variety of soil… CONTINUE READING
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