Rapid assessment of sleep-wake behavior in mice.

  title={Rapid assessment of sleep-wake behavior in mice.},
  author={Simon P. Fisher and Sofia I. H. Godinho and Carina A Pothecary and Mark W. Hankins and Russell G Foster and Stuart N Peirson},
  journal={Journal of biological rhythms},
  volume={27 1},
Sleep is a fundamental biological rhythm involving the interaction of numerous brain structures and diverse neurotransmitter systems. The primary measures used to define sleep are the electroencephalogram (EEG) and electromyogram (EMG). However, EEG-based methods are often unsuitable for use in high-throughput screens as they are time-intensive and involve invasive surgery. As such, the dissection of sleep mechanisms and the discovery of novel drugs that modulate sleep would benefit greatly… CONTINUE READING

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