Rapid appraisal methodology for 'health for all' policy formulation analysis.

  title={Rapid appraisal methodology for 'health for all' policy formulation analysis.},
  author={Rosanna Peir{\'o} and Carlos {\'A}lvarez-Dardet and Antoni Plas{\`e}ncia and Carme Borrell and Concha Colomer and Carmela Moya and Mar{\'i}a Isabel Pasar{\'i}n and Eduardo Zafra},
  journal={Health policy},
  volume={62 3},
BACKGROUND Although in the last 20 years, the WHO 'Health for All' principles have been widely used in national, regional and local health policy documents, there is still a gap in the literature regarding how to appraise or compare them, which weakens the social accountability process. METHODOLOGY A new, rapid approach to analyse the formulation of health policies is proposed. It is based on the selection of a small number of tracers and the development of a gold standard to be completed… CONTINUE READING

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