Rapid antigen testing for group A Streptococcus by DNA probe.

  title={Rapid antigen testing for group A Streptococcus by DNA probe.},
  author={Judith S Heelan and Steve Wilbur and Giovanni Depetris and C{\'e}cile L{\'e}tourneau},
  journal={Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease},
  volume={24 2},
The Gen-probe group A Streptococcus direct test (GASD), a nucleic acid probe assay for detecting GAS from throat swabs, has recently been developed. The test uses an acridium ester-labeled DNA probe which is complementary to the rRNA of Streptococcus pyogenes. In this study, 318 single culturette throat swabs were tested by this method using culture as a "gold standard." After plating onto trypticase soy agar plates with 5% sheep blood, swabs were stored at 4 degrees C for no more than 72 h… CONTINUE READING

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