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Rapid and simultaneous determination of tetra cyclic peptide phytotoxins, tentoxin, isotentoxin and dihydrotentoxin, from Alternaria porri by LC/MS

  title={Rapid and simultaneous determination of tetra cyclic peptide phytotoxins, tentoxin, isotentoxin and dihydrotentoxin, from Alternaria porri by LC/MS},
  author={Masayuki Horiuchi and Naoshige Akimoto and Keiichiro Ohnishi and Masakazu Yamashita and Takashi Maoka},
In the course of our investigation on bioactive products of Alternaria porri , the causal fungus of black spot disease in the stone− leek and onion, we have reported the isolation of cyclic tetra peptide, tentoxin [cyclo−(L−leucyl−N −methyl−(Z )−dehydrophenylalanyl−glycyl−N −methyl−L−alanyl), 1] [1]. Subsequently, we isolated and identified two tentoxin related cyclic peptide, isotentoxin [cyclo−(L−leucyl−N −methyl−(E )−dehydrophenylalanyl−glycyl−N Original 

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Thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor (PhD) in Applied Biological Sciences



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The total ion chromatogram and SIM ( m/z 415 and 417) chromatograms of the ethyl acetate extract from the culture liquid of A. porri

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