Rapid and simple ribozymic aminoacylation using three conserved nucleotides.

  title={Rapid and simple ribozymic aminoacylation using three conserved nucleotides.},
  author={Nataliya V Chumachenko and Yehor Novikov and Michael Yarus},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={131 14},
Selection-amplification finds new RNA enzymes (ribozymes) among randomized RNAs with flanking unvaried sequences (primer complements). Precise removal of 3'-primer before reaction selected aminoacylation from PheAMP in three cycles, yielding active RNAs (k(cat) = 12-20 min(-1)) using only three conserved nucleotides, acting independently of divalent ions. This unusually simple RNA active site encouraged study of the reaction via molecular mechanics-based free energy minimization. On this basis… CONTINUE READING

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Enzyme Structure and Mechanism ; Freeman : New York , 1985

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