Rapid adaptive responses to climate change in corals

  title={Rapid adaptive responses to climate change in corals},
  author={Gergely Torda and Jennifer M Donelson and Manuel Aranda and Daniel J. Barshis and Line K Bay and Michael L Berumen and David G Bourne and Neal E. Cantin and Sylvain For{\^e}t and Mikhail V Matz and David J. Miller and Aurelie Moya and Hollie M Putnam and Timothy Ravasi and Madeleine J. H. van Oppen and Rebecca L. Vega Thurber and jeremie vidal-dupiol and Christian R. Voolstra and Sue Ann Watson and Emma Whitelaw and Bette L Willis and Philip L Munday},
The unprecedented rate of environmental change that characterizes the Anthropocene1 has raised concerns over whether the pace of organismal adaptation will be sufficient to mitigate projected detrimental effects on populations, communities and ecosystems2. The appearance and fixation of new adaptive genetic mutations generally requires many generations, suggesting that only organisms with short generation times will be able to adapt at rates matching the pace of environmental change. However… CONTINUE READING
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