Rapid Thermal Processing Of High Temperature Superconducting Fiber

  title={Rapid Thermal Processing Of High Temperature Superconducting Fiber},
  author={John W. Halloran and Mark James Neal and David S. Ginley and Eugene Leo Venturini and James F. Kwak and Richard J. Baughman and Michael A. Mitchell and Bruno Morosin and Siddhartha Basu and Terence E. Mitchell},
We report on the rapid thermal processing (RTP) of Y-123 fibers with and without presintering to form the orthorhombic phase. We show that fibers which were originally semiconducting and tetragonal before rapid thermal processing form normal twinned orthorhombic material after processing for 2--4 seconds at > 1000{degrees}C with a 3 min. cool down in oxygen. They subsequently show {Tc} to 90K and magnetization indicative of substantial diamagnetic shielding. We present the effects of varying… CONTINUE READING