Rapid Mission Architecture trade study of Enceladus mission concepts

  title={Rapid Mission Architecture trade study of Enceladus mission concepts},
  author={M. Adler and R. Moeller and C. Borden and W. Smythe and R. Shotwell and B. Cole and T. Spilker and N. Strange and A. Petropoulos and Debarati Chattopadhyay and J. Ervin and E. Deems and P. Tsou and J. Spencer},
  journal={2011 Aerospace Conference},
At the request of the Satellites Panel of the National Research Council (NRC) Planetary Science Decadal Survey, a Rapid Mission Architecture (RMA) study of possible missions to Saturn's moon Enceladus was conducted at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in January and February of 2010. This was one of many studies commissioned by this NRC Decadal Survey. In this study, 15 Enceladus mission architectures were examined that spanned a broad range of potential science return and total estimated mission… Expand

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