Rape as an adaptation

  title={Rape as an adaptation},
  author={Jerry A. Coyne and Andrew James Berry},
Is this contentious hypothesis advocacy, not science? 
Evolution and Rape: A Feminist Darwinian Perspective
It is commonly thought that feminist and evolutionary explanations of rape cannot be integrated. As I aim to show, this view is incorrect. Although feminist and evolutionary approaches are notExpand
the science of rape: (mis)constructions of women's trauma in evolutionary theory
The social sciences are witnessing renewed enthusiasm for sociobiological accounts of human behaviour. Feminist theory has, understandably, tended to engage cautiously with biological reasoning,Expand
Straw men and fairy tales: Evaluating reactions to a natural history of rape
It is important for sex researchers to understand that these sorts of criticisms of the book are seriously flawed so that future research efforts toward understanding the causes of sexual coercion are not stalled. Expand
Fear does not correspond to higher costs of rape among married women
Abstract Thornhill and Thornhill posited that sexual assault inflicts greater fitness costs on women in committed long-term heterosexual relationships than on women not in such relationships becauseExpand
Darwinism and the Cultural Evolution of Sports
A Darwinian approach to sports is outlined that takes into account its profoundly cultural character and thereby overcomes the traditional nature-culture dichotomies in the sociology of sport. Expand
From mating to mentality: evaluating evolutionary psychology
Preface. Kim Sterelny, Julie Fitness, Introduction: The Evolution of Evolutionary Psychology. Douglas T. Kenrick, D. Vaughn Becker, Jonathan Butner, Norman P. Li, Jon K. Maner, Evolutionary CognitiveExpand
Sexual Selection and Human Behaviour
This article reviews some recent evolutionary psychological theories about the interaction between environmental factors and sexual strategies. Evolutionary psychology explains sexual strategies inExpand
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