Ranking scientific journals based on research author's profile


Ranking web pages are generally based on in links and out links of a particular web page which may be exploited just to gain attention. Once weightage is calculated based on structural mining, the same may be excluded from the web page. Thus this approach is not trust worthy while calculating page importance for ranking. Research has been deviated from this traditional approach and started considering number of hits a particular web page got and the dwelling time. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for ranking scientific journals primarily based on considering the above metrics and the Research Author's profile.

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@article{Selvan2016RankingSJ, title={Ranking scientific journals based on research author's profile}, author={Mercy paul Selvan and Anbarasu Sekar}, journal={2016 International Conference on Control, Instrumentation, Communication and Computational Technologies (ICCICCT)}, year={2016}, pages={652-654} }