[Ranking 2008 of research productivity in Spanish public universities].


The aim of this study is to analyze research scientific productivity of Spanish public universities by means of using criteria related to research assessment in Spain. Firstly, a study to establish the weight of the indicators was developed. A representative sample of 1,341 university teachers participated in this study. Of them, 68% are senior lecturers and 32% are professors. A stratified random sampling procedure within each area of knowledge was used. The sample is representative with a 97% confidence interval. Secondly, the scientific productivity according to the size of university in each indicator was analyzed. Finally, the scientific productivity according to size of university and weight of each indicator was weighted. Results of the survey make possible to get a specific ranking in each criterion: Doctoral dissertations, Research projects+development, Grants for training university teachers, Articles included in JCR, Research periods and Doctorate programs with Quality Mention, as well as a global ranking. Results allow analyzing strengths and weakness of each university according each criterion.

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