Ranked Set Sampling

  title={Ranked Set Sampling},
  author={Munir Ahmad and Muhammad Hanif and Hassen A. Muttlak},
Stratified simple random sampling (SSRS) is used i n certain types of surveys because it combines the conceptual simplici ty of simple random sample (SRS) with potentially significant gains in efficiency. It is a convenient technique to use whenever we wish to ens ur that our sample is representative of the, population and also to obtai n separate estimates for parameters of each subdomain of the population. If sampling units in a study can be easily ranked compared to quantificati on, McIntyre… 
Quartile Pair Ranked Set Sampling: Development and Estimation
A cost-effective, efficient and anti-wasting sampling units scheme named quartile pair ranked set sampling (QPRSS) for estimating the population mean is presented in this study. This scheme offers an
Tests of perfect judgment ranking using pseudo-samples
A nonparametric procedure to assess whether the rankings of a given RSS are perfect, which generates pseudo-samples with a known ranking and uses them to compare with the ranking of the given RSS sample.
Induced Ranked Set Sampling when Units are Inducted from Several Populations
The method of ranked set sampling when units are to be inducted from several bivariate populations is introduced in this work. The best linear unbiased estimation of a common parameter of two
Exponential Weighted Moving Average Control Charts for Monitoring the Process Mean Using Pair Ranked Set Sampling Schemes
It is revealed that proposedEWMA-type charts, with either perfect or imperfect ranking, have better shift diagnostic abilities than the classical EWMA-SRS chart.


Ranked Set Sampling and the Line Intercept Method: A More Efficient Procedure
Ranked set sampling is a method which may be used to increase the efficiency of the estimator of the mean of a population. Ranked set sampling with size biased probability of selection (i.e., the
Ranked set sampling with size-biased probability of selection
Ranked set sampling as suggested by McIntyre (1952, Journal of Agricultural Research 3, 385-390) and Takahasi and Wakimoto (1968, Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematics 20, 1-31) may be
Ranked Set Sampling Theory with Order Statistics Background
Ranked set sampling employs judgment ordering to obtain an estimate of a population mean. The method is most useful when the measurement or quantification of an element is difficult but the elements
Estimation of Variance Using Judgment Ordered Ranked Set Samples
Ranked set sampling has been shown by Dell and Clutter (1972, Biometrics 28, 545-553) to be a useful technique for improving estimates of the mean when actual measurement of the observations is
A method for unbiased selective sampling, using ranked sets
The application of the ranked sample method to pasture measurement is discussed and the means of such a sample is slightly less than (n + 1)/2 times more efficient than the mean of n items taken at random.
Ranked set sampling with respect to concomitant variables and with size biased probability of selection
Ranked set sampling is developed for the case when units are selected with size biased probability with respect to a concomitant variable and when we are interested in a second variable which is
Ranked setampling with size based probability of selection
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Environmental smpling , observational economy and statistical inference with emphasis on ra ked set sampling , encounter sampling and composite sampling
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