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Rank $1$ perturbations in random matrix theory -- a review of exact results

  title={Rank \$1\$ perturbations in random matrix theory -- a review of exact results},
  author={Peter J. Forrester},
A number of random matrix ensembles permitting exact determination of their eigenvalue and eigenvector statistics maintain this property under a rank 1 perturbation. Considered in this review are the additive rank 1 perturbation of the Hermitian Gaussian ensembles, the multiplicative rank 1 perturbation of the Wishart ensembles, and rank 1 perturbations of Hermitian and unitary matrices giving rise to a two-dimensional support for the eigenvalues. The focus throughout is on exact formulas… 
The Eigenvectors of Single-spiked Complex Wishart Matrices: Finite and Asymptotic Analyses
It turns out that, in this asymptotic regime, the scaled random variable nZ 1 converges in distribution to χ 2 2/2(1 + θ), where χ2 denotes a chi-squared random variable with two degrees of freedom, which reveals that u1 can be used to infer information about the spike.


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The top eigenvalues of rank $r$ spiked real Wishart matrices and additively perturbed Gaussian orthogonal ensembles are known to exhibit a phase transition in the large size limit. We show that they
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It is shown that, except for a few outlier eigen values, most of the eigenvalues of M + P are within 1/n of the real line, up to small order corrections, and it is proved that the critical points of the characteristic polynomials of nearly Hermitian random matrices are the most important.
Eigenvalue separation in some random matrix models
The eigenvalue density for members of the Gaussian orthogonal and unitary ensembles follows the Wigner semicircle law. If the Gaussian entries are all shifted by a constant amount s/(2N)1/2, where N
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A number of interesting results concerning elliptic random matrices whose entries have finite fourth moment are proved; these results include a bound on the least singular value and the asymptotic behavior of the spectral radius.
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The paper discusses recent progress in understanding statistical properties of eigenvalues of (weakly) non-Hermitian and non-unitary random matrices. The first type of ensembles is of the form Ĵ = Ĥ
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We analyze the statistical properties of complex eigenvalues of random matrices  which are close to unitary. Such matrices appear naturally when considering quantized chaotic maps within a general
This paper provides a proof of the limiting distribution of the eigenvalues of a large class of random matrices, called WignerMatrices, and investigates the limits of this distribution, which allude to the Tracy-Widom distribution.
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