[Range of the hosts of the causative agent of pébrine (Nosema bombycis) in the mulberry silkworm].


Biological interrelations between the agent of microsporidiosis of the silkworm and local species of insects were studied. 7 species of Lepidoptera (Agrotis segetum, Chloridea obsoleta, Laphygma exigua, Plusia gamma, Pieris brassicae, P. rapae, Lymantria dispar) were infected with the suspension of Nosema bombycis spores. Results have shown that 6 species of insects are susceptible to Nosema bombycis excluding only the gipsy moth. So, N. bombycis can be considered to be a parasite with a wide range of hosts.

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@article{Kashkarova1980RangeOT, title={[Range of the hosts of the causative agent of p{\'e}brine (Nosema bombycis) in the mulberry silkworm].}, author={L F Kashkarova and A I Khakhanov}, journal={Parazitologiia}, year={1980}, volume={14 2}, pages={164-7} }