Range-Wide Snow Leopard Phylogeography Supports Three Subspecies.

  title={Range-Wide Snow Leopard Phylogeography Supports Three Subspecies.},
  author={Jan E. Jane{\vc}ka and Yuguang Zhang and Diqiang Li and Bariushaa Munkhtsog and Munkhtsog Bayaraa and Naranbaatar Galsandorj and Tshewang R. Wangchuk and Dibesh Karmacharya and Juan Li and Zhi Lu and Kubanychbek Zhumabai Uulu and Ajay Gaur and Satish Kumar and K. T. Aneesh Kumar and Shafqat Hussain and Ghulam Muhammad and Matthew Jevit and Charlotte Hacker and Pamela A Burger and Claudia Wultsch and Mary J Janecka and Kristofer M. Helgen and William Joseph Murphy and Rodney T. Jackson},
  journal={The Journal of heredity},
  volume={108 6},
The snow leopard, Panthera uncia, is an elusive high-altitude specialist that inhabits vast, inaccessible habitat across Asia. We conducted the first range-wide genetic assessment of snow leopards based on noninvasive scat surveys. Thirty-three microsatellites were genotyped and a total of 683 bp of mitochondrial DNA sequenced in 70 individuals. Snow leopards exhibited low genetic diversity at microsatellites (AN = 5.8, HO = 0.433, HE = 0.568), virtually no mtDNA variation, and underwent a… CONTINUE READING