Randomized trial of a whole-system ayurvedic protocol for type 2 diabetes.

  title={Randomized trial of a whole-system ayurvedic protocol for type 2 diabetes.},
  author={Charles R Elder and Mikel Aickin and Vance Bauer and Joan Cairns and Nancy A Vuckovic},
  journal={Alternative therapies in health and medicine},
  volume={12 5},
CONTEXT Though complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) treatments are popular, evidence to support their application to diabetes care is scarce. Previous CAM diabetes research has generally focused on single modalities, but CAM practitioners more commonly prescribe complex, multimodality interventions. OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were to determine the feasibility and clinical impact of a whole-system, Ayurvedic intervention for newly diagnosed people with type 2 diabetes. DESIGN… CONTINUE READING
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