Randomized comparison trial of the RIK and the Nimbus 3 mattresses.

  title={Randomized comparison trial of the RIK and the Nimbus 3 mattresses.},
  author={Linda J Russell and Timothy M Reynolds and A B Towns and W Worth and A Greenman and Robert Turner},
  journal={British journal of nursing},
  volume={12 4},
  pages={254, 256-9}
A randomized comparison trial was carried out at Queen's Hospital, Burton-on-Trent, to compare patient outcomes on the RIK mattress (KCI) and the Nimbus 3 mattress (Huntleigh Healthcare). One hundred and fifty-eight patients, who were assessed to be at particular risk of development of pressure ulcers using the Waterlow score (85 on RIK mattress, 83 on Nimbus), completed the trial. There were no statistically significant differences in baseline parameters at recruitment or pressure ulcer… CONTINUE READING

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