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Randomised benchmarking for non-Markovian noise

  title={Randomised benchmarking for non-Markovian noise},
  author={Pedro Figueroa-Romero and K. Modi and T. Stace and Min-Hsiu Hsieh},
Estimating the features of noise is the first step in a chain of protocols that will someday lead to fault tolerant quantum computers. The randomised benchmarking (RB) protocol is designed with this exact mindset, estimating the average strength of noise in a quantum processor with relative ease in practice. However, RB, along with most other benchmarking and characterisation methods, is limited in scope because it assumes that the noise is temporally uncorrelated (Markovian), which is… Expand


Memory Strength and Recoverability of Non-Markovian Quantum Stochastic Processes
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  • 2016
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Quantum stochastic processes and quantum non-Markovian phenomena.
The field of classical stochastic processes forms a major branch of mathematics. They are, of course, also very well studied in biology, chemistry, ecology, geology, finance, physics, and many moreExpand