Random number generation by normal, alcoholic and schizophrenic subjects.

  title={Random number generation by normal, alcoholic and schizophrenic subjects.},
  author={Stefanie Rosenberg and Norbert Weber and M. A. Crocq and Fabrice Duval and J. P. Macher},
  journal={Psychological medicine},
  volume={20 4},
Controls (N = 45), schizophrenics (N = 20) and alcoholics (N = 23) were asked to choose at random a number between 1 and 10, 100 times. The correlation matrices of five different randomization indices were used to study within group variation; these matrices were similar for the normal and alcoholic groups, but very different for the schizophrenic group. The differences between the three groups were studied by canonical analysis and, in terms of the canonical variables, the mean performance of… CONTINUE READING

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