Random multiple scattering of ultrasound. I. Coherent and ballistic waves.

  title={Random multiple scattering of ultrasound. I. Coherent and ballistic waves.},
  author={Arnaud Derode and Arnaud Tourin and Mathias Fink},
  journal={Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics},
  volume={64 3 Pt 2},
  • A. Derode, A. Tourin, M. Fink
  • Published 29 August 2001
  • Physics
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
This is the first article in a series of two dealing with the statistical moments of ultrasonic waves transmitted through a disordered medium with resonant multiple scattering. Only the first-order moment is considered here. An ultrasonic pulsed wave is transmitted from a point source to a 128-element receiving array through two-dimensional samples with various thicknesses. The samples consist of random collections of parallel steel rods immersed in water. Experimental results show that the… 

Incoherent Waves in Fluid-Saturated Sintered Granular Systems: Scattering Phenomena

The incoherent transport of ultrasound waves in water-saturated sintered glass bead packings is experimentally investigated. The spectral energy density of scattered high-frequency waves is explained

Multiple scattering of acoustic waves and porous absorbing media.

A simple model is developed for the multiple scattering by rigid cylinders embedded in a porous medium and it appears that for the host medium itself, the equivalent fluid model is not capable to describe the high-frequency behavior whilst a multiple scattering approach with (thin) viscous and thermal boundary layers around the scatterers is accurate in the whole frequency range.

Multiple scattering of an ultrasonic shock wave in bubbly media

Using a shock wave presents the advantage of characterizing the medium over a large frequency range (1.5-15MHz) and both the coherent and incoherent fields were successfully described by linear theories.

Characterisation of ultrasonic structural noise in multiple scattering media using phased arrays

The ultrasonic inspection of multiple scattering media gives rise to structural noise which makes it difficult to detect potential damage or crack inside the component. In order to predict the

Energy velocity of multiply scattered waves in strongly scattering media

The important influence of the relative refractive index of scattering inclusions on energy transport of classical waves through disordered media is clearly demonstrated through ultrasonic

Analysis of coherent surface wave dispersion and damping for non destructive testing of concrete

The durability of concrete structures is a major issue in civil engineering. Cover concrete monitoring is particularly important as it is in direct contact with the outside. High frequency surface

Influence of correlations between scatterers on the attenuation of the coherent wave in a random medium.

Experimental measurements of the coherent wave transmission for ultrasonic waves propagating in water through a random set of scatterers (metallic rods) show that the mean-free path deviates from the classical first-order approximation due to the existence of correlations between scatterer.

Spatiotemporal control of light in turbid media

This thesis deals with novel approaches to control wave propagation, in particular of light, in opaque scattering materials. We have developed and characterized novel experimental methods for