Random matrix approach to cross correlations in financial data.

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We analyze cross correlations between price fluctuations of different stocks using methods of random matrix theory (RMT). Using two large databases, we calculate cross-correlation matrices C of returns constructed from (i) 30-min returns of 1000 US stocks for the 2-yr period 1994-1995, (ii) 30-min returns of 881 US stocks for the 2-yr period 1996-1997, and (iii) 1-day returns of 422 US stocks for the 35-yr period 1962-1996. We test the statistics of the eigenvalues lambda(i) of C against a… 
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This work uses methods of random matrix theory (RMT) to investigate the information content of the cross correlation matrix C of Shanghai stock exchange (SSE) and finds that, SSE has a particularly high value of the largest eigenvalues of 209.26, which is about 89 times larger than the theorical upper bound.
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We apply random matrix theory (RMT) to the analysis of an emerging market. In particular we analyse correlation matrices C constructed from 10 years of daily data for stocks listed on the
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These preliminary results on the dynamics of asset price correlations in the NSE are important for improving risk-return trade-offs associated with Markowitz’s portfolio optimization in the stock exchange, which is achieved by cleaning up the correlation matrix.


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Tables. Commonly Used Notation. 1. The Multivariate Normal and Related Distributions. 2. Jacobians, Exterior Products, Kronecker Products, and Related Topics. 3. Samples from a Multivariate Normal
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403,828. Gravity-separation-apparatus. ZOLLINGER, J., 33, Green Grove Road, Wayside, New Jersey, U.S.A. Feb. 13, 1933, No. 4377. Convention date, June 2, 1932. [Class 46.] Solid matter is removed
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The author argues that during Russia's new industrialization, it would be a mistake to relay on foreign investments. Instead, the domestic accumulation fund must be increased as much as possible.