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Random magnetic anisotropy in a new compound $\mbox{Sm}_2\mbox{Ag}\mbox{Si}_3$

  title={Random magnetic anisotropy in a new compound \$\mbox\{Sm\}\_2\mbox\{Ag\}\mbox\{Si\}\_3\$},
  author={Baidyanath Sahu and R. Djoumessi Fobasso and Andr{\'e} M. Strydom},
We report the experimental study on the structural and magnetic properties of a new ternary intermetallic compound Sm2AgSi3. The properties of the sample were investigated in detail by X-ray diffraction, dc–magnetization, and heat capacity measurements. The polycrystalline compound of Sm2AgSi3 crystallizes in the ThSi2-type tetragonal structure (space group I41/amd). The temperature–dependent dc–magnetization and heat capacity results demonstrate that the compound undergoes ferromagnetic… 

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Physics of Ferromagnetism, seconded
  • 1997