Random-bond disorder in two-dimensional noncollinear XY antiferromagnets: From quasi-long-range order to spin glass

  title={Random-bond disorder in two-dimensional noncollinear 
 antiferromagnets: From quasi-long-range order to spin glass},
  author={Santanu S. Dey and Eric C. Andrade and Matthias Vojta},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study the effects of quenched bond disorder in frustrated easy-plane antiferromagnets in two space dimensions, using a combination of analytical and numerical techniques. We consider local-moment systems which display noncollinear long-range order at zero temperature, with the antiferromagnetic triangular-lattice $XY$ model as a prime example. We show that (i) weak bond disorder transforms the clean ground state into a state with quasi-long-range order, and (ii) strong bond disorder results… 

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