Random Dieudonné modules, random $p$-divisible groups, and random curves over finite fields

  title={Random Dieudonn{\'e} modules, random \$p\$-divisible groups, and random curves over finite fields},
  author={Bryden R. Cais and Jordan S. Ellenberg and David Zureick-Brown},
  journal={Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu},
  pages={651 - 676}
Abstract We describe a probability distribution on isomorphism classes of principally quasi-polarized $p$-divisible groups over a finite field $k$ of characteristic $p$ which can reasonably be thought of as a ‘uniform distribution’, and we compute the distribution of various statistics ($p$-corank, $a$-number, etc.) of $p$-divisible groups drawn from this distribution. It is then natural to ask to what extent the $p$-divisible groups attached to a randomly chosen hyperelliptic curve… Expand
Proportion of ordinarity in some families of curves over finite fields
A curve over a field of characteristic $p$ is called ordinary if the $p$-torsion of its Jacobian as large as possible, that is, an $\mathbb{F}_p$ vector space of dimension equal to its genus. In thisExpand
  • Jeff Achter
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu
  • 2014
We consider the distribution of $p$ -power group schemes among the torsion of abelian varieties over finite fields of characteristic $p$ , as follows. Fix natural numbers $g$ and $n$ , and letExpand
Curves in characteristic 2 with non-trivial 2-torsion
This paper extends the observation ofais, Ellenberg and Zureick-Brown that over finite fields of characteristic two, all sufficiently general smooth plane projective curves of a given odd degree admit a non-trivial rational $2-torsion point on their Jacobian to curves given by Laurent polynomials with a fixed Newton polygon. Expand
Smooth curves in toric surfaces (Les courbes lisses dans les surfaces toriques)
(assumed to be two-dimensional) of f . The earliest such connection is surprisingly old, dating back to 1893, when Baker observed [Bak93] that the geometric genus of Uf is bounded by the number ofExpand
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For a finite field k and a triple of integers g \ge r \ge s \ge 0, we count the number of semilinear endomorphisms of a g-dimensional k-vector space which have rank r and stable rank s. SuchExpand
Hasse-Witt and Cartier-Manin matrices: A warning and a request
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a-Numbers in Artin-Schreier Covers
Let $\pi : Y \to X$ be a branched $\mathbf{Z}/p \mathbf{Z}$-cover of smooth, projective, geometrically connected curves over a perfect field of characteristic $p>0$. We investigate the relationshipExpand
a-Numbers of Curves in Artin-Schreier Covers.
Let $\pi : Y \to X$ be a branched $\mathbf{Z}/p \mathbf{Z}$-cover of smooth, projective, geometrically connected curves over a perfect field of characteristic $p>0$. We investigate the relationshipExpand


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CONTENTSIntroductionChapter I. Formal groups and Dieudonne modules; basic concepts1. Groups in categories2. Algebraic and formal groups. Bialgebras3. The structure of commutative artinian groups4.Expand
A short guide to p-torsion of abelian varieties in characteristic p
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Société Mathématique de France
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