Ramsey transfer to semi-retractions

  title={Ramsey transfer to semi-retractions},
  author={Lynn Scow},
  • Lynn Scow
  • Published 2017
  • Mathematics
  • We introduce the notion of a {\it semi-retraction}. Given two structures $\A$ and $\B$, $\A$ is a semi-retraction of $\B$ if there exist quantifier-free type respecting maps $f: \B \raw \A$ and $g: \A \raw \B$ such that $f \circ g$ is an embedding. We say that a structure has the Ramsey property if its age does. Given two locally finite ordered structures $\A$ and $\B$, if $\A$ is a semi-retraction of $\B$ and $\B$ has the Ramsey property, then $\A$ also has the Ramsey property. We introduce… CONTINUE READING