Ramsey-minimal saturation numbers for matchings

  title={Ramsey-minimal saturation numbers for matchings},
  author={Michael Ferrara and Jaehoon Kim and Elyse Yeager},
  journal={Discrete Mathematics},
Given a family of graphs F , a graph G is F-saturated if no element of F is a subgraph of G, but for any edge e in G, some element of F is a subgraph of G + e. Let sat(n,F) denote the minimum number of edges in an F -saturated graph of order n, which we refer to as the saturation number or saturation function of F . If F = {F}, then we instead say that G is F -saturated and write sat(n, F ). For graphs G,H1, . . . , Hk, we write that G → (H1, . . . , Hk) if every k-coloring of E(G) contains a… CONTINUE READING

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