Ramification Amplification: A Novel Isothermal DNA Amplification Method

  title={Ramification Amplification: A Novel Isothermal DNA Amplification Method},
  author={PhD David Y. Zhang and Margaret S Brandwein and Terence Hsuih and BS HongBoLi},
  journal={Molecular Diagnosis},
We have developed a novel isothermal DNA amplification method with an amplification mechanism quite different from conventional PCR. This method uses a specially designed circular probe (C-probe) in which the 3′ and 5′ ends are brought together in juxtaposition by hybridization to a target. The two ends are then covalently linked by a T4 DNA ligase in a target-dependent manner, producing a closed DNA circle. In the presence of an excess of primers (forward and reverse primers), a DNA polymerase… CONTINUE READING
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